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UTB Projektmanagement GmbH

Commercial building envelope developer
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The UTB Projektmanagement GmbH which is based in Berlin, Germany was founded in 1996. Currently, it is working with 40 employees on 30 projects in Berlin, Halle, Weimar, Dresden and Greifswald. With different promoters UTB create lodgings with different apartment types with intelligent planning and innovative technologies which ensure high energy efficiency.
UTB believes that new residential construction must be financed to a reasonable extent, be co-operative and state-subsidized. In this way, cities secure their social, functional mixes and lively neighborhoods can grow.
In 2017, UTB won the ‘Special Timber Construction Prize’ for a multi-family house in ‘Thüringer State Prize’ in Weimar for demonstrating successful contribution to compact construction in the urban area with renewable raw materials. Besides that, in 2015, UTB won both German Architecture Prize and BDA Prize Berlin (Association of German Architects) for ‘Am Lokdepot’. In 2006, UTB won the second prize of the Monumental renovation BBU for the refurbishment of the Fidicinstraße 18 building as a monument preservation project which was appreciated for the self-initiative performance of the residents.
Two main focuses of UTB are future-oriented sustainable and economical solutions and technologies for heating and electricity, and active participation of citizens, tenants, cooperative members, migrants and squatters.
The demo case in Berlin, is an apartment block “Wohnscheibe” which is a key part of the redevelopment of the sub-centre Berlin-Lichtenrade. UTB within ‘Old Maltery Lichterade’ project plans 200 apartments in mixed ownership. The aim is for the residential area to be primarily organized cooperatively. A part of the flats should be cheap to rent with residential entitlement and be made available to social housing and social care institutions.
Cities and communities in Germany and Europe are facing major social, economic and environmental changes as a result of globalization, socio-demographic change and climatic changes.  The UTB would like to actively shape these changes with all project participants.



The Capital City Development Board – City of Warsaw
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The Capital City Development Board acts as a substitute investor on behalf and for the benefit of the Capital City of Warsaw. Currently supports over 30 investment projects. They mainly concern the construction or modernization of cultural centres, including theatres, museums and historic buildings, educational institutions, social assistance centres and healthcare.



Commercial building envelope developer
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Focchi S.p.A. is an Italian company leader in the curtain-walling sector. It was founded in 1914 and the headquarter is located near Rimini (Italy). The company has retained its original name thanks to its continuous ownership by the Focchi family. This tradition has guaranteed continuity of leadership and acknowledgement of reliability in the industry.
The company is engaged in the full cladding process from design, manufacture, delivery and site installation, always developing bespoke solutions for any project.
The profiles used for the construction of the curtain walling system are realized by the Research and Development Dept., which is focused on the development of the design and in the production of the prototypes for testing, thus always achieving a consistently high quality of both performance and product innovation. The Technical Dept. relies on a large team of experienced project managers, project design managers, site managers, engineers and surveyors dedicated to each project.
The most important achievements of Focchi are the construction of the first building in Italy with structural silicone technology (i.e. IRCAER in Bologna), followed by LINGOTTO in Turin and then HAAS HAUS in Vienna and Quay West in Manchester. Focchi was the first company to adopt the construction glazing technology in the marine sector with the glazing contracts for 23 transatlantic and cruise line ships. The design and construction of innovative "bomb blast resistant" façades for the Marks & Spencer project in Manchester and the London Stock Exchange in Paternoster Square in London. Further, the company provided the design and the construction of the largest suspended bolted façade in Italy for the Pirelli Headquarters project in Milan.



Architectural firm
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Rijnboutt puts together a multidisciplinary project team for each assignment. We have all disciplines in the field of architecture, urban design, landscape, sustainability and heritage.
In large-scale, complex or long-term projects, we look after the qualitative interests and spatial quality. We guide complex design processes through workshops and symposia.
A city is not made of stone. It is a complex organism full of life. She is constantly changing. She is growing. Used differently. By always new people. Rijnboutt sees that complexity very clearly. That is why Rijnboutt never builds a building. But always a piece of the city. With vocus on the past and future. Environment and function. Everyone who will be there, stay and go again. We can do that by working from multidisciplinary teams. With junior and senior architects, urban planners and landscape architects. Combining different talents and our craft results in distinctive projects. Which not only have great architectural value, but also make an important contribution to the development of the city as a whole.



Public housing corporation
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Stek is a social housing organisation that operates in four municipalities in the western province of South-Holland in the Netherlands. Stek manages approximately 11,500 homes in Hillegom, Lisse, Noordwijk and Teylingen. Developing new social housing projects is one of their key priorities as the demand for new homes in current society is bigger than ever. Stek focuses on affordability and availability to serve their main target group; tenants with lower incomes. Energy saving and sustainability are seen as the most important tools to keep social housing affordable for tenants in the long term.



Social Housing Company
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3F is the biggest French social landlord with more than 250 000 housings mainly in Parisian suburb.It is part of Action Logement Immobilier group. The company is leading the transition into full BIM modelling for its buildings. From 2020 all new buildings owned by 3F will have detailed BIM model. For existing buildings the strategy of the group is to build BIM model for all buildings of more than 100 housings that is being renovated.



Association of construction firms
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The Federation of Construction Industry Employers in Poland is a nationwide organization associating companies from the infrastructure and construction industry, which together represent over 70 percent the potential of the general investment execution market in Poland. Membership in the PZPB gives the opportunity to participate directly in shaping and creating system solutions regarding the infrastructure and construction sector, submitting their postulates and applications that are important for creating Poland's economic reality.



Public Body, Promoter of social sustainable housing
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Vivienda y Suelo de Euskadi, S.A. is a public-sector company attached to the Basque Government's Department of Environment, Land Planning and Housing. Its primary mission is to develop high-quality subsidised housing in the Basque autonomous community, as part of the regional government's determination to ensure the right to quality housing for all sectors of society. VISESA is also actively involved in urban regeneration, as well as in the rehabilitation of housing and public infrastructures, promoting accessibility, improvement of the people quality of life and the sustainable development of the region, from the perspective of territorial balance.
With a capital of around 37 million euros signed by the BASQUE GOVERNMENT and the main Basque saving banks, Kutxabank and Caja Laboral, VISESA has a healthy balance sheet that allows it to act as an engine for policy public housing, self-financing and therefore without posing a financial burden on the Basque Government.
VISESA was set up in 1990 and is the leading developer in the Basque region, with more than 15.000 homes completed and 1.250 under construction. Employing around 70 people, VISESA is an equal opportunity employer. Current ratio of femalee/male employees is 60/40.
VISESA is member of the Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2B A), the European Federation of Public, Cooperative & Social Housing - CECODHAS ( and the Basque Construction Cluster – Eraikune ( It participates also in BIM Euskadi Comission (


AIR Projects

Commercial real estate developer
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Established since 2010, AIR PROJECTS has continually remained at the forefront of innovation, incorporating the most efficient systems and renewable energy solutions in our design projects. AIR PROJECTS takes a craftsmanship approach to Building Services, and everything is to the highest standard possible, which has helped to build AIR PROJECTS reputation as one of the innovative Mechanical Building Services Contractors. AIR PROJECTS offers a turnkey service, from the initial feasibility studies and budget costing, through design, installation and lifetime service and maintenance. S.C AIR PROJECTS S.R.L. is dedicated to accounting for the economic, social and environmental impact in the way in which it operates. AIR PROJECTS consistently strives to exceed legal requirements in addressing both our competitive interests and the interests of the wider society. One such measure is that we adopt a policy of rigorously recruiting local people where possible for employment and training. Another is the mitigation of our environmental impact via the implementation of a comprehensive environmental policy.



Architectural firm
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Cliens is a Consultancy and Arquitectural firm, stablished in the Canary Islands. CLIENS provides engineering services and project consulting. Our mission is to provide value to customers, controlling and monitoring their works or investments, with the main objective of ensuring quality and the final result.
In CLIENS, the main value is its human capital, which forms a flexible, efficient organization that has extensive experience in the fields of Engineering, Construction, Architecture and Business Consulting.The different services or business lines are framed in the environment of engineering and construction projects. Giving support to our clients in the different fields that may arise within the project.
CLIENS establishes as a work philosophy that the best design comes from complete integration from the moment of design conception until its formalization. A multidisciplinary and creative team, in which structural and environmental engineering develop their work with architects from the beginning of the design.
At CLIENS, we believe that joint and combined learning between the different disciplines allows the design of integrated and higher quality solutions that benefit the end customer. Construction encompasses numerous disciplines, which must be coordinated to obtain environmentally sustainable buildings as well as inspiring.



Consultancy firm
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Build and design with with peace of mind, that's our vision. To fulfill it, we provide engineers with a consistent foundation for building performance simulations. So that they can easily translate the architectural design, called Building Information Models (BIM) into an input for simulations - the abstractBIM. Therefore abstract's automated service is the 2 in BIM2SIM and BIM2BEM.


Industry days

In order to have a structured collaboration and a continued dialogue with BIM-SPEED stakeholders, the BIM-SPEED annual Industry Days are established. An Annual Industry Day brings together stakeholders representing practitioners and decision makers in the field of BIM for deep renovation of existing residential buildings and it consists of interactive presentations and discussions structured around two main sessions:

  • Community of Practice meeting: a BIM user group workshop discussing experiences with BIM tools and standards, and an interactive presentation of pilot experiences and best practices from renovation cases.
  • Advisory Board meeting: a High-Level Group meeting on BIM innovation strategy for renovation and panel discussions on recommendations for standardisation and utilization of BIM-SPEED results.
  • Industry day 2019

    This Industry Day took place on 24 October, 2019.

  • Industry day 2020

    This Industry Day took place on 26 October, 2020.

  • Industry Day 2021

  • Industry day 2022


BIM maturity scans

In order to analyse the maturity level of BIM practices among our stakeholders and provide feedback to our RTD activities, we have planned to distribute biannual BIM maturity scan tests to our stakeholder community as questionnaires. More precisely, the online tool consists mainly of two parts, the enterprise part and the project part. The enterprise part is concerned with gathering the general information of the stakeholder and the BIM maturity questionnaire and the project part allows the stakeholder to seek guidance about adequate BIM use cases for renovation measures.

Online Survey 2020
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