BIM-SPEED second GA meeting

Jul 01, 2019

​In May 2019, our partner Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB) hosted the second consortium GA meeting in Nice, France. Our second meeting was meaningful time to reflect on the core value of BIM-SPEED, and to look into the new development in our project and platform. We focused on the use and demonstration cases to discuss the solution that BIM-SPEED will bring to the housing renovation markets. So far, all of the deliverables were successfully delivered. During the meeting, our partners shared creative ideas and valuable opinions to ensure all the objectives are met for the upcoming deliverables.

The BIM-SPEED solution is based on the KROQI Cloud platform which was a centre point of the discussions. We are testing the platform integration architecture with our demonstration cases. So far, the platform is proving to offer great features for BIM adoption in housing renovation market.

Furthermore, there were innovation pitches from each work package leader. WP leaders presented the main innovative outcomes of each work package and how these outcomes can support or enhance the processes of a renovation project. The integration of GIS into renovation project, the development of a BIM passport, 3D Scan to BIM, comfort eye tool and the AR/VR technology were discussed as focal points and all partners engaged in the discussion with passion and enthusiasm. It was a constructive meeting and we believe that BIM-SPEED is on the right track for the energy-efficient housing renovation in the EU.


Spanish BIM-SPEED Demonstrator

Mar 11, 2019

The BIM SPEED project has selected two buildings in Victoria-Gasteiz, Northern Spain, as demonstration sites. These were both built in 1958. First demonstration site is a four story residential building with eight flats, a garage and a bar in the ground floor in a U Shape. The external walls are made from double layer of brick with an air cavity in between. The second demonstration site is a 5 story residential building with 12 flats, with a storage room and a bar in the ground floor in an H Shape.  Most of the main external walls are made from double layer of brick an air cavity. Others just are composed of a simple layer of brick without any cavity. Both buildings are not insulated and have poor energy performance with condensation and humidity problems.

The buildings are also Lighthouse demonstrators in a SmartEnCity project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 691883). The renovation activities within SmartEnCity project will contain insulation of the building envelope with focus on façades and roof and connecting the dwellings to a new District Heating system based on biomass energy. During the BIM-SPEED project, new tools and solutions supporting as-built data acquisition, designing, energy simulation and construction works will be implemented.


BIM-SPEED has started!

29-30 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium

On the 29th and 30th of November 2018 the BIM-SPEED kick-off meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium. During the 2 days all partners got to know eachother, and we also met our project officer for the first time. After meet&greet sessions with coffee and snacks and a short look back on how the project was conceived, we got to dive into the subject matter.

During several brainstorm sessions we exchanged ideas and came up with concepts for challenges within the project. It was great to see the level of enthusiasm and all the questions exchanged. A very fruitful meeting, and we are looking forward to a successful 4-year project!