EU BIM for Building Renovation Competition - Winners

​​​​​​​​​With great pleasure, we can announce the winners of the EU BIM for Building Renovation Competition which ran from June 2021 until April 2022.

Congratulations to Charlène Delavictoire Sobgoum Jiogo and Idriss Tchaheu Tchaheu from the National Advanced School of Public Works in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Congratulations also to the finalists Clélia Mendonça de Moraes, Everson de Castro Rodrigues and Anderson André Lima de Souza from the Federal University of São Carlos in São Paulo, Brazil, and the municipality of Araraquare for their excellent submission.​

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Competition brief

​The "EU BIM for Building Renovation Competition" aims to get teams together with different backgrounds who are active in the design and construction industry. While multi-disciplinary teams are encouraged, teams where all members have a similar background, like architects or engineers, are also welcomed to participate. The teams are expected to present a building renovation project that applies one of the Building Information Model (BIM) tools and methods developed by the BIM-SPEED partners, on their own or in conjunction with other tools available on the market. The challenge is to develop a renovation project using BIM in a way that results in energy savings for the occupants, improves their comfort while at the same time reducing the duration and cost of the overall renovation process.

The competition is free of charge for the participants and divided into two categories: professionals and students. Both categories include prizes for the three teams that best demonstrate the use of BIM-SPEED tools. For the student category, the team leader should be enrolled in an academic programme from an accredited educational institution.

The professional teams use a renovation design of a residential building project. This project must be under the design phase. The student teams use a renovation design project from the BIM-SPEED demo sites. The file of this project will be provided by the organisers via the BIM-SPEED platform.

Interested in participating? Have a look at our registration process in this page.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

The EU BIM for Building Renovation Competition is an open competition format developed in one phase. No financial contribution is requested from participants to ensure their participation.

The competition has two categories: Professionals and Students.
Check the requirements in the banner on the left and read the Terms and Conditions for all details.

  • Participation is open to people from different disciplines (e.g. civil engineer, architect, HVAC engineer, contractor, etc.), while multi-disciplinary teams are encouraged, it is not mandatory to participate.

  •  The competition is open to all nationalities.

  • No limitation on the number of members in each team, as well as on the number of different disciplines represented in each team.

  • Each team should use at least one of the BIM-SPEED tools that can be found in the BIM-SPEED platform. Check the training material here.


Competition awards

For the professionals' category the following prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finalists:

  • EU wide exposure through BIM-SPEED dissemination channels and networks of the umbrella organisations covering the widest professional coverage

  • Possibility to present the winning project to the Architects' Council of Europe and its Member Organisations

  • Presentation of their project during EUSEW2022 and/or Sustainable Places 2022

  • Participation and contribution at REHVA's BIM task force of the Technology and Research Committee

  • Featuring an article/interview on mainstream academic media (e.g. BIM today, BuildUP, etc.)

  • Free licenses to use BIM-SPEED platform and BIM tools


For the students' category the following prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finalists:

  • EU wide exposure through BIM-SPEED dissemination channels and networks of the umbrella organisations covering the widest professional coverage

  • Presentation of their project during EUSEW2022 and/or Sustainable Places (Sept/Oct 2022).

  • Mentorship on student's thesis with UNStudio BIM experts (suitable for architects)

  • Presentation of their project at UNStudio

  • Presentation of their project at REHVA Brussels Summit 2022



  • The official launch of the BIM-SPEED competition: 21 June 2021

  • Deadline for registration: 14th February 2022 - Extended to 18 April 2022

  • Deadline for submission: 21 February 2022 (12:00pm CET) - Extended to 25 April 2022 (12:00 CET)

  • Announcement of the Top 3 finalists in each category: TBA June 2022  - Extended to TBA September 2022


Registration process

The registration process must be done by the Team leader. Check below the steps for the registration.

  1. Create your account in the KROQI platform to access the BIM-SPEED platform

  2. Create your project space in the BIM-SPEED platform

  3. Pick your category (Professional or Student)

  4. Fill in the registration form

  5. Invite your team members to participate

Alternatively, watch the registration tutorial video on the left or download the registration and submission guidelines here 

Register here 

BIM-Speed Competition Terms and Conditions here.


Submission requirements

  • A filled report template (it can be downloaded via the BIM-SPEED platform)

  • A final federated BIM model with the design proposal (file type: IFC 2x3)

  • One infographic representing the proposed design concept regarding the required brief

  • Other visual material, with at least 1 image in JPEG format

  • Declaration of Authorship & Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions (via an online form)

  • The activities .csv file of your collaborative space

The official language of the competition is English: all deliverables should contain all necessary information in English.

The jury

The jury

After the submission, the organisers will forward the submitted deliverables to the jury members. The Jury is autonomous in their decisions and opinions. The jury members will evaluate each submission in anonymity and provide a grade for each of the evaluation criteria. The final score for each submission will be calculated as the average score of all the scores provided by each jury member. The jury consists of core and alternate members:


András Rónai

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András Rónai

Mechanical Engineer M.Sc.; HVAC+R and BIM – Óbuda Group - MMK

Andras Ronai has 10 years working experience in design, building energetic, construction and project management. In the last 3 years, he has been working as a BIM consultant/manager in Hungarian projects like Liget project, Puskás national stadium and some other industrial and commercial projects. He takes care of the BIM management from the beginning (EIR/BEP) during design (BIM management and auditor) and construction (BIM manager and auditor), and also support some FM projects.

Chiara Dispasquale

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Chiara Dispasquale

Expert in Innovation and Sustainability - Volksbank

Expert in building energy renovation and HVAC systems control and optimization. Her experience is based on several European funded projects aimed at promoting and implementing system packages for the reduction of energy consumption and improvement of energy efficiency. In the last years, her research is focused on promoting interoperability during the whole building life-cycle by introducing BIM for the visualization and management of real-time data.

Filippo Lodi

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Filippo Lodi

Head of Innovation & Knowledge Management, UNStudio (The Netherlands)

Filippo Lodi holds several master's degrees in engineering, architecture, art, and business, making him an all-around thinker. Filippo, as Associate Director | Senior Architect, leads UNSx, UNStudio's in-house innovation think-tank and experience lab, where he works, taking a human(ity)-centric approach, on the development of disruptive technologies for the built environment from a unique coating that cools down buildings, responsive lighting system – as well as providing consulting services to companies on their workflow and rebranding strategies.

Olga Venetsianou

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Olga Venetsianou

Architect PhD, MA in Digital Arts ASFA - Representative from the Technical Chamber of Greece to the Architects’ Council of Europe BIM Working Group.

Olga Venetsianou is an Architect, with an MA in Digital Arts, and a PhD in haptic and digital space merging strategies. She is an adjunct professor at the University of West Attica and a visiting lecturer at the school of Architecture, NTUA. She also works as an architect, having collaborated in housing, cultural and commercial projects in Greece and abroad.

Tomi Henttinen

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Tomi Henttinen

​CIO, Architect SAFA - Delegate from the Finnish Association of Architects SAFA to the Architects’ Council of Europe BIM Working Group

Tomi Henttinen is Chief Innovation Officer and senior partner in Gravicon Oy. Gravicon provides everything in BIM from modelling to BIM project management. He has been one of the pioneers of BIM in Finland and since 2002 he and his team have worked with IFC data exchange in hundreds of real-life projects. He is currently a member of the several BIM standardization task groups in buildingSMART, CEN and ISO and one of the key authors of the internationally acclaimed Finnish BIM Requirements (COBIM) that was published in 2012.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria

The BIM-SPEED competition submissions will be judged anonymously. Anonymity will be in place until the jury has reached its final decision.

All entries in compliance with all terms and conditions of the competition will be judged on the basis of the following evaluation criteria:

  • Time and cost savings resulting from using the BIM-SPEED platform and tools.

  • Application of sustainable strategies in the renovation project.

  • The use of participants' own BIM tools and software in conjunction with the BIM-SPEED tools and BIM-SPEED platform

  • Addressing issues and strategies related to user comfort and health.

  • Level of collaboration of the team within the BIM-SPEED platform.



For any inquires and questions about the competition, write to:


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